4,257 Guest Teachers In Bihar To Lose Their Jobs; Here's Why
4,257 Guest Teachers In Bihar To Lose Their Jobs; Here's Why
On Saturday, a letter was issued by the department, according to which, they will be terminating the contracts of the guest teachers.

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) is currently conducting a teacher recruitment process, but recent reports suggest that thousands of teachers are at risk of losing their jobs. The reason behind this sudden decision is attributed to a state government policy.

On Saturday, the Department of Secondary Education issued a letter, stating their intent to terminate the contracts of guest teachers. The directive came from the Director of the Secondary Education Department, Kanhaiya Prasad Srivastava, indicating that no services from guest teachers would be utilised from April 1 onwards.

According to the letter, 37,847 teachers were appointed for classes 9 and 10, while 56,891 were appointed for classes 11 and 12. With these regular appointments in place, the need for guest teachers’ employment is considered redundant. Consequently, approximately 4257 guest teachers now face imminent unemployment.

The notice further instructs District Education Officers (DEOs) to ensure the termination of all guest teachers’ services by April 3. The decision is purportedly by resolution number 51, dated January 25, 2018, which outlined the provision for employing guest teachers until the appointment of regular staff.

A total of 98,738 teachers have been appointed for the mentioned classes and they have been posted to their respective duties. The BPSC, responsible for overseeing these appointments, is mandated by the Constitution of India to recruit candidates for civil services in Bihar. The current chairman of the organisation is Shri Atul Prasad.

The termination of guest teachers’ contracts aligns with the state government’s policy to employ regular staff, rendering the services of guest teachers unnecessary. This decision, as communicated through the recent letter, signifies a significant change in the educational landscape of Bihar and could impact the livelihoods of thousands of educators.

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